How does RahRah! benefit a local business?

RahRah! Business Affiliates can participate in the program for FREE by providing local members value all along with bringing customers to their stores.  Similar to a discount card, but way more features available to the local business.  Add or change your deals at any time.  Use our push alert notification program to promote exclusive special offers in real time.  Complete tracking and reporting available to all of our business affiliates to monitor success of the program.  Combined with a direct marketing platform with our mobile app this allows the local business to help market to RahRah! members all with helping your local youth organization make residual income throughout the year.  It’s a Win!Win!

If you are interested in starting a fundraiser, would like a membership or become a RAH RAH Business Affiliate, please click the "Contact Us" button and we will be in touch with you ASAP!

How does RahRah! benefit the supporter who becomes a member?

Supporters of local youth organizations get to download an app with hundreds of participating local merchants to provide them with tons of value in mobile discounts.  Instead of carrying around a big bulky coupon book or forgetting a discount card, supporters always have their phone on them and get quick access to deals locally, statewide and nationwide.  The supporter becomes a member of their local school and stays a member continually, giving them complete access to the best discount product around.

What is RahRah!?

RahRah! is a membership-based model of fundraising that gives youth organizations a product they can promote to supporters without having to direct sell, collect money or deliver a product. Think of RahRah! like Netflix or Spotify for fundraising.  This membership model of fundraising gives our local youth organizations a financial opportunity to make money year-round versus constantly having to sell a product and rely on funds distributed only once a year.